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A little bit about me.

Born in Minneapolis, MN, grew up in Pismo Beach, CA,  lived in Italy, and worked as an udon chef in Melbourne before moving to my currently home of Tokyo, Japan. I excelled at Model UN during my time at California Polytechnic State University and after relocating to Italy, discovered my love for theatre. I have starred in numerous TVCMs for video game and large-scale publishing companies. I have also held supporting roles in various TV dramas, movies, and variety shows in Japan. 

Inspired by the hit TV series, The Amazing Race, I sought to build a new life abroad. I taught English at University Degli Studi Della Tuscia in Viterbo Italy and won an inspirational teacher award in Wakayama Japan. After moving to Tokyo, I've worked in all levels of education and work as a lead teacher at a Japanese high school. I currently train new teachers and am a leader at school and company events.

I also hold an B.A. in Political Science, International Relations concentration, and minor in Pre-Law. I've studied French, Italian, and Japanese at home and abroad. In addition to acting, modeling, and teaching, I also work as an adjudicator for Guinness World Records, speaking test interviewer for organizations such as EIKEN and Cambridge, as well as a travel consultant for the government.

In my free time, you can find me wandering around an uncharted part of the world, catching the latest John Wick film in theatres, or in an Italian café sipping on a cappuccino. 

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